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Forklift Attachments Prince Rupert

Forklift Attachments Prince Rupert - The city of Prince Rupert is located on the North Coast of British Columbia. This port city has a present population of approximately 13,000 individuals, but is a transportation center for the North Coast region.

Prince George is approximately 718 km from Prince Rupert, whereas the Alaskan border is 48 kms north, and Terrace is east around 143 kms away. It could be conveniently reached by taking the Yellowhead Highway 16 down towards northwest coast of British Columbia.

The very first settlement in the region dates as far back as 10,000 years ago. Prior to European contact, First Nations peoples established settlements in the area, as the inner harbour was amongst the most densely populated regions north of Mexico City. The Tsimshian Nation, the original territory of the ingenious First Nation tribe, reached from Kitasoo all the way to the mouth of the Nass River in the North to the Skeena River in the East, which is situated just past the city of Terrace.

Prince Rupert's founder, Charles Melville Hays, wished to establish a port for marine trade, in addition to rail and sea travel around the area. He was the president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company.

The local economy quickly grew as the city of Prince Rupert established it's two major export terminals. Along with economic prosperity came an influx of culture and tourists. Prince Rupert is considered the Gateway to the North and is situated on Kaien Island, which was unoccupied until about a century ago. It has access to several of the most wonderful surroundings within the world.

A significant number of ocean-going freighters travel through the deepwater harbor every year. Cargoes of lumber, grain, mineral ore, pulp, coal and sulphur are shipped internationally from the city of Prince Rupert, and when the Pacific Rim trade grows the port's significance will increase also.

During most months, people can participate in ocean sport fishing, with seasons running from around latter part of April until latter part of September. Peak times for Chinook salmon fishing goes up until early part of August, the biggest of these salmon reach 60lb. From mid-July until middle part of October is the best time to catch Coho salmon, which are smaller then the Chinook but fierce fighters. Pink salmon could be found from mid-July to latter part of August. During 1995 the world's largest chum salmon, weighing in at 35 lb., was caught. Halibut are likewise common here, as are Rockfish. One more famous activity is crabbing for Dungeness crab.

Nearby lakes and rivers provide fantastic freshwater angling. Among these rivers is the Skeena River, which provides Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Dolly Vardan. The best time stretches from early July until mid-September.

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