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The ITA or Industrial Truck Association has determined 7 different classes of lift trucks. These classes are broken down by the kind of work environment; indoors, outdoors, rough or smooth surfaces and narrow aisle; whether the operator is standing or sitting down; by the kind of engine; and finally the characteristics of the machine, regarding the maximum grade and kind of tire. Several of the classes are further sub-divided by operating characteristics. Here are the following classifications of lift trucks:

Category 1 Forklifts: are considered to be electric motor trucks with air filled or pneumatic tires or cushion tires. The Class 1 lift trucks also comprise 4 lift codes, or subcategories that are:

Lift Code 1: Stand-up, counterbalanced rider unit.
Lift Code 4: Sit down, 3-Wheel electric.
Lift Code 5: Cushion Tire sit down, counterbalanced rider
Lift Code 6: Includes pneumatic tire models, sit-down rider, and counterbalanced rider.

Category 2 Forklifts: Class 2 lift trucks consist of narrow aisle electric trucks with solid tires.
Class 3 Forklifts: Class 3 forklifts consist of hand/rider trucks with solid tires and electric hand trucks.
Category 4 Forklifts: Class 4 forklifts are the IC or internal combustion units. These are sit down rider forklifts with cushion tires. Usually, they are great for applications on hard surfaces and indoor use.
Class 5 Forklifts: IC sit down rider units equipped with pneumatic tires make up Class 5 lift trucks. Typically, these units are ideal for working areas with significant inclines or on rough surfaces outdoors.
Category 6 Forklifts: The Class 6 forklifts are either IC powered or electric models. These ride-on units have the capability to tow at least 1000 pounds. This class is engineered and designed to tow loads rather than lift it.
Category 7 Forklifts: Class 7 only included rough terrain models with pneumatic tires. The Class 7 forklifts are powered by diesel engines and are almost exclusively utilized outside.

The different classifications of lift trucks help to keep them organized and separated. Different kinds of working atmospheres depend on various classes in order to get their work completed. Forklifts are quite particular in their lifting and loading capacities. Their various kinds of tires and engines are made for specific applications. To be able to pick the best forklift to fulfill your jobs and to meet all your requirements, do some research to know exactly what you will need from your specific unit. By talking to some respectable dealers and making time to explore your alternatives, you will be able to select the appropriate machinery.

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